Melbourne Photo a Day: Week five

17 Mar

Day 29: Swing out

Moomba Festival Swings

Cooling down on the swings at the Moomba Festival was a winner on this boiling hot day.

Day 30: Bank Holiday Bum

Bank Holiday Sport

I’m not always the best at doing nothing and often jam my days full, so Labour Day was a great excuse for a lazy day catching up with the replay of the 6 Nations England match and very little else.

Day 31: Draining

Elizabeth Street shops

These two shops on Elizabeth Street are becoming quite a drain on my bank balance – Clegs for various craft and sewing supplies, and Sugar Station for too many diet busting sweets.  I dread to think how many Jazzies I’ve scoffed over the last few weeks.

Day 32: Hand made

Hand made copper disks

I’ve started a jewellery making course at CAE.  In this first lesson we made these copper disks that will become earrings next week.  They don’t look much right now but it took a couple of hours using dividers, hand saws, files and annealing to get them this far.   Hopefully next week they will start to look a little more earring like.

Day 33: Post it

Drawing from my nephew

It’s so nice to get post through the letter box and even though I knew this was on the way it was still exciting to get a letter from home today.  Hooray!  Included was this drawing from my eldest nephew which is now hanging on my bedroom garland. A definite work of art, and his spelling of my name is the perfect finishing touch.

Day 34: Vino collapso

White wine

Simply, this is my kind of fridge.

Day 35: Cool runnings

Paddle after a run

The best way to cool off after a long run is of course a paddle.  So very refreshing.


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