Easter Craft: Hand Sewn Felt Chickens

18 Mar

Felt Chicken Finished

These chickens are part of some Easter presents for my niece and nephews.  To make them you’ll need:

  • Two white felt squares
  • Yellow felt square
  • Red felt square
  • Black felt square
  • Fabric glue
  • White embroidery thread

Felt Chicken Tools

1. Cut out two chicken bodies from your white felt; a beak, crown and two wings from your yellow felt; two eyes from the black; and the decoration from your red, I chose to use the kids’ initials.

Felt Chicken Cut Out Parts

2. Position and then glue the beak and crown on to one of the chicken bodies.

felt chicken Attach Beak and Crown

3. Glue the second body on top of the beak and crown so they are sandwiched between the two layers of white felt.

4. Position, then glue into place the eyes, wings and decorations.

Felt Chicken Glued Together

5. Sew around the chicken’s body using your choice of stitch.  I used a double running stitch but a blanket stitch would work nicely too.  Leave the base of the chicken open.

Felt Chicken Sewn

6. Stuff the chicken and sew up the base.

Felt Chicken Finished

When they were finished I bought these Easter baskets and arranged the chickens with some chocolate eggs and other treats.  They are now ‘winging’ their way over land and sea to reach the kids for Easter, when they will hopefully make for a lovely surprise.

Felt Chickens in a basket


One Response to “Easter Craft: Hand Sewn Felt Chickens”

  1. Josie March 25, 2014 at 4:55 am #

    Cute presents, their new little owners are going to love them!

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